Taste Sensation ~ The Spirit House Cooking School, Yandina (Sunshine Coast Photographer)

If anyone has been to The Spirit House, then you’ll know exactly what I am talking about.  For those of you who haven’t treated themselves for either lunch, dinner or the Cooking School…. I strongly recommend it!  And don’t think for a moment because it’s THAI, that everything on the menu will either leave your lips and throat gasping for milk, your socks will blow off or your bum be on fire the next day!  The menu is a broad selection of Thai flavours and inspirations from all over the Asian and Indian continents.  Delicate flavours and textures that will leave you booking your next visit before you’ve even paid the bill for the current smorgasbord!

One of my amazing past brides gave me a gift voucher for the Cooking School as a thank you for her amazing wedding album.  I not only convinced Renee to join me so that we could both enjoy it, but Kimmy (my studio manager) wasn’t being left behind and joined us as well.  She is one of the Gympie Die-Hard Spirit House fans.

We had an amazing time; learnt some new tricks for the kitchen; I managed to cut my finger on those ridiculously sharp knives; and we ‘rolled’ out that door after trying unsuccessfully to eat everything on the table!

A massive thank you to the staff at the Cooking School for allowing me to bring my camera in.  Annette Fear our fabulous teacher and co-author of the famous Spirit House cookbooks was incredible to watch and listen to.  Her knowledge of foods, origins and techniques is envious!  And finally thank you to the other participants in our class – lots of laughs were had by all.

To learn more about The Spirit House, click here.

Take a visual journey with me, and experience for yourself your own Mekong Adventure.


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