The Bloom Project [Gympie Portrait Photographer Bambi Gosbell]

A little over a year ago, I started a personal creative project that I committed to photographing 15 women in a portrait of feminine, beauty, a little bit of fashion and a lot of flowers. I named it The Bloom Project. Over the course of the year, as I posted sneak peaks on social media, more women contacted me to be included. By the time I launched the Exhibition, my florist and I had flown to New Zealand to shoot another 3 portraits, included a series of animals and floral macros and I had created 50 pieces for the wall! It was a massive undertaking.


During the process, I asked my florist if she had ever made a floral bra before. She said no but was keen to give it a try. I asked FB land for nominations of Breast Cancer Survivors who would sit for a complimentary session and then that woman chose the beneficiary charity (McGrath Foundation) to which a fine art print was created and is currently in a Silent Auction.  Link here:


But what I didn’t realise was the profound effect the experience had on the women in the project. And this is what has blown me away the most. I personally wanted the women to feel beautiful, but they felt more than that. They felt powerful, redefined as a woman/a mother, felt like a Queen, energised, pushed out of their comfort zone, learnt to love themselves… To give themselves the authority to make themselves the number one priority every now and then.
How bloody humbling is that!?


This made me think about how a small idea could diversify and grow and the endless possibilities it can create if you allow it to. I thought about quote cards/postcards with a beautiful floral image on it and using excerpts of the womens’ words.  But a coffee table book is where my historian heart lies.  Time doesn’t allow me to go through a publisher, so I am self-publishing a small run of Aussie made books (through Momento – who Choice just recently named as the #1 coffee table book printers in Australia)!


This link will take you to the Crowd Funding page to order yourself a signed book, or a fine art print, along with a BTS video for those interested:

Thank you so much for your love and support. B xx



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